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FREE Shipping with in Australia above $70 purchase.              Order for above $300 and ask for the promotional discount.              Export quality to suit Australian weather              Shahnaz Herbal Hair and Beauty Salon (LADIES ONLY) using only Shahnaz Husain Herbal products for all Hair and Beauty treatment at BANKSTOWN and MACQUARIE FIELDS.             

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Shahnaz Husain receives the Jewel 2009 Award.

Shahnaz Husain receives the Asia Pacific's Most Prestigious Awards for Entrepreneurs.

Our Products

Hair Serum

Product Description

Shahnaz Hair Serum (External Use Only)

Infused with natural extracts, this unique Hair Serum revitalises the hair. This luxurious formula is specially created to:

• Strengthen each strand with vitality 
• Enhance shine, softness and moisture 
• Leave hair luminous and smooth 
• Condition your hair whilst providing long lasting styles

Method of Use:

Gently apply 4-5 drops of the serum on the hair after shampoo and let hair dry normally.

Price: AUD $39
Offered Price: AUD $39
Promotional Code:
Product Net Content: 50 ML
In Stock

Skin Serum - (SAFFRON)

Product Description

Skin Serum - External use Only

Enriched with essential natural ingredients, this luxurious Skin Serum revitalises and restores radiance to the skin. The formulation is specially created to:

  • Measurably reducelines and wrinkles
  • Fade blemishes
  • Improve skin texture
  • Impart even skin tone
  • Give the skin a glowing fairness.

Directions for Use:

Using fingertips gently smoothen few drops over the entire face, focussing on wrinkle prone areas in gentle upward and outward strokes.

Price: AUD $39
Discount: 10%
Offered Price: AUD $35.1
Promotional Code:
Product Net Content: 50 ml
In Stock

Under Eye Serum 07/14 expired

Product Description

Shahnaz Under Eye Serum - External Use Only 

The perfect blend of honey, aloe vera, cucumber and rose extracts tones, rehydrates and nourishes the skin reducing fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.


Gentle apply around the eyes in circular movements till absorbed.

Price: AUD $32
Discount: 90%
Offered Price: AUD $3.2
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